Friday, SUNS 7, MOOSE 4 – Saturday, MOOSE 4, SUNS 2

January 4, 2018

Sun Valley Suns center Derek Grimes (left) rushes in for a hard hit on Jackson Hole defenseman Nate Goss-Woliner during Friday’s 7-4 Suns victory over the Moose at Hailey’s Campion Ice House.

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Friday, december 29

Jackson Hole Moose 1……………….. 2……………. 1……………….. 4

Sun Valley Suns 2……………….. 1……………. 4……………….. 7

FIRST PERIOD—(1) SV, Eric Demment 1 (D.J. Robinson), 8:28. (2) SV, Chad O’Brien 8 (Sean O’Grady, Mike Curry), 14:07, power play goal. (3) Jackson Hole, Tom Hartnett 6 (A.J. Sanders), 16:05.

SECOND PERIOD—(4) Jackson Hole, Hartnett 7 (Drew Akins, Sanders), 2:44. (5) SV, Dylan Shamburger 5 (Stephen Inman), 9:41, power play goal. (6) Jackson Hole, Ben Pullar 1 (Alex Dewitz), 10:35.

THIRD PERIOD—(7) SV, Chad Levitan 2 (Ryan Enrico, Derek Grimes), 1:53. (8) SV, Grimes 3 (Inman), 4:27. (9) SV, Justin Taylor 4 (Spencer Brendel, Curry), 15:25, power play goal. (10) Jackson Hole, Drew Akins 1 (unassisted), 16:48, power play goal. (11) SV, Brendel 3 (Curry), 17:40.

SHOTS ON GOAL—Jackson Hole 10-7-8 for 25; Sun Valley 13-17-14 for 44.

GOALIES—Jackson Hole, Nick Krauss (37 saves, 6-4-0 record); Sun Valley, Ryan Thomson (21 saves, 3-1-0 record).

OFFICIALS—Alex Romashko and Tyler Hanson (referees); Eric Wingard and Dan Choma (linemen).


NOTES—By the end of the first period, 837 fans had filed into Campion Ice House. The attendance topped out at 930.….The weekend attendance of 1,805 fans was nearly 400 better than the New Year’s weekend Suns-Moose series of 2016, chiefly because of the increased Saturday night crowd. Last year’s Saturday night attendance, occurring on New Year’s Eve, was 441 spectators…..Suns forward line combinations tonight were Dylan Shamburger-Robbie Murden-Chad O’Brien, Ryan Enrico-Derek Grimes-Chad Levitan, Spencer Brendel-Justin Taylor-Marty Flichel, D.J. Robinson-Sinjin Thomas-Taylor Rothgeb. Defensive combinations were Eric Demment-Doug Yeates, Mike Curry-Sean O’Grady, Stephen Inman-Tyler Lovejoy…….Primary Jackson Hole forward lines were Drew Akins-Tom Hartnett-A.J. Sanders, and Kyle Krauss-Alex Dewitz-Ben Pullar, with Charlie Hagen jumping in. But with only seven players on the bench, Moose coach Howie Carruth had to tinker with his lines and shift forwards back to defense on several occasions. The two defensive pairs were Nate Goss-Woliner-Kristian Ophus and captain Brian Upesleja-Kevin Sunde. The Moose didn’t bring back-up goaltender Tyler Jansen……..The Suns enjoyed some scoring success on the blocker side (left side) of Moose goalie Nick Krauss, who didn’t have his best night…….Suns goalie Ryan Thomson came up with big saves throughout the game—stopping Derek Akins twice in front with the Suns holding an early 1-0 lead, and robbing Drew Akins with his glove 12 seconds into a second-period Moose power play in a 2-2 game. Rookie Suns defenseman Tyler Lovejoy also cleared a dangerous puck from the crease……Leading the shorthanded Moose skaters were Tommy Hartnett, Drew Akins, 31-year-old A.J. Sanders from Fairbanks, Ak. and captain Brian Upesleja. Hartnett, 26, played for Wesleyan University from 2010-14. Drew Akins, 32, a 5-11, 185-pound center from Excelsior, Minn., played 153 games from 2006-10 for University of Minnesota-Duluth, with 21 goals and 240 penalty minutes. From 2009-15 he skated for seven different minor league hockey teams including several in the ECHL and CHL. He played in Poland in 2014 and for the Melbourne Mustangs in Australia in 2015. Akins skated for Minnesota-Duluth during the same period as then-teammate Mike Curry, 33, the 6-3, 198-pound fifth-year Suns player from Eagle River, Ak. Curry played 115 games for the Duluth Bulldogs from 2004-08. Upesleja, 40, from Fairbanks, Ak., played for University of Alaska-Fairbanks from 1996-98…..

moose 4, suns 2

Saturday, december 30

Jackson Hole Moose 2……………….. 1……………. 1……………….. 4

Sun Valley Suns 2……………….. 0……………. 0……………….. 2

FIRST PERIOD—(1) Jackson Hole, Drew Akins 2 (Brian Upesleja), 1:41. (2) SV, Tyler Lovejoy 3 (Marty Flichel), 3:39, power play goal. (3) Jackson Hole, A.J. Sanders 12 (Drew Akins, Tom Hartnett), 10:30. (4) SV, Chad O’Brien 9 (Mike Curry), 19:55, power play goal.

SECOND PERIOD—(5) Jackson Hole, Hartnett 8 (Kevin Sunde, Sanders), 16:30, power play goal.

THIRD PERIOD—(6) Jackson Hole, Nate Goss-Woliner 5 (Sanders), 19:27, empty net goal.

SHOTS ON GOAL—Jackson Hole, 11-11-5 for 27; Sun Valley 16-11-21 for 48.

GOALIES—Jackson Hole, Nick Krauss (46 saves, 7-4-0 record); Sun Valley, Max Cooper (23 saves, 2-2-0 record);

OFFICIALS—Dave Patrie and Eric Wingard (referees); Bobby Noyes and Alex Romashko (linesmen).


NOTES—The Suns had some great penalty killing all weekend, but they needed to watch closer to defend Moose center Tom Hartnett at the backdoor. Hartnett was stationed uncovered to the right of Suns goalie Matt Cooper and converted a backdoor pass from the right point at the very end of a Moose power play late in the second period. It ended up as the game-winning goal. Friday night, Hartnett snuck behind the Suns defense to the same spot, to the right of goalie Ryan Thomson, and scored the equalizer 2-2 on a cross-ice pass from the right point by Drew Akins…..For the second straight night, the Moose took an inordinate amount of time coming out of their locker room for the third period. The visitors had to be summoned by the linesmen, and the buzzer sounded to alert them, but they still delayed their arrival for play. The fans booed them when they came out for the third period. Suns coach John Burke commented afterward that the Moose showed a certain amount of disrespect by slowing down the game in that manner……All game, Moose coach and the team’s former goalie Howie Carruth was his typical emotional self, disputing every call or non-call. He saved some of his choicest comments during stoppages of play for Suns goalie Cooper, who didn’t hesitate to reply……Last year, the Moose (25-5 overall) out-pointed the Suns 51-32 on the scoresheet in their four regular-season games and won all four including 5-4 (OT) and 4-3 (OT) New Year’s weekend victories at Campion Ice House. The Moose outscored the Suns 21-12 in last year’s four wins. This year, in splitting four games to date, the Suns have out-pointed the Moose 43-31 and have outscored the Moose 20-13 in large part because of their power play success (9-for-20, 45%) compared to the Moose (7-for-30, 23%)…….When the teams split 5-3 (Moose) and 8-0 (Suns) games at Snow King Center Dec. 15-16, the Moose out-shot the Suns 74-54 for the weekend. This weekend, the Suns out-shot the Moose 92-52…….The “Chaos” line of first-year Suns forwards Dylan Shamburger-Robbie Murden-Chad O’Brien was largely held in check by the Moose in last weekend’s games. The prolific line entered the Moose series with a combined 16 goals and 22 assists, including 5 goals and 6 assists during the Jackson Hole visit Dec. 15-16. This weekend, the line accounted for 3 goals and 0 assists. Starting tonight’s game as the first line, the Murden trio had two quality chances in the first 40 seconds, but the Moose scored on their first shot of the game 71 seconds into the contest…..Leading Suns scorer O’Brien (9 goals, 9 assists for 18 points) has scored at least one goal in each of the four games against the Moose, including three on the power play…..Moose goalie Krauss came up with two great saves on O’Brien early in a first-period Suns power play, and seemed like he would take the Moose to the locker room with a 2-1 lead. But O’Brien persevered and capitalized on fine work by Mike Curry and Dylan Shamburger to keep the puck in the Moose zone. And O’Brien sent a wrist shot past Krauss with only seconds left on the power play, and only 5 seconds left in the first stanza….Krauss made saves with every part of his armor including his mask……Suns coach Burke conceded he might have “overplayed” his first two lines tonight and could have better used his third and fourth forward lines. But circumstances often dictated which lines he sent out, for instance, whistles that sent his penalty killers out and precluded the use of the third and fourth lines, he said. “We were playing catch-up most of the game and I rode those guys hard. I’ve got to spread around the ice time more,” he said……Suns forward line combinations tonight were Dylan Shamburger-Robbie Murden-Chad O’Brien, Ryan Enrico-Derek Grimes-Chad Levitan, Spencer Brendel-Justin Taylor-Marty Flichel, Eli Conrad-Sinjin Thomas-Niels McMahon. Defensive combinations were D.J. Robinson-Doug Yeates, Mike Curry-Sean O’Grady, Stephen Inman-Tyler Lovejoy……Moose goalie Nick Krauss, 37, from Naperville, Ill. and St. Olaf College has played 629 minutes of 720 minutes in his team’s 12 games, and has faced 338 shots. He has allowed 39 goals and his record is 7-4-0, compared to 12-0-0 at this same point last year. Krauss was born in Illinois Feb. 23, 1980, one day after the “Miracle on Ice” 4-3 Team USA Olympic hockey win over the Soviet Union at Lake Placid, and one day before the Americans secured the gold medal rallying past Finland 4-2…….The top Moose forward line of left wing Drew Akins, center Tom Hartnett and right wing A.J. Sanders accounted for 6 of the team’s 8 goals this weekend and 13 of the 18 Moose points. In the four games between the rivals to date, Akins-Hartnett-Sanders have 9 of the 13 Moose goals and 20 of the team’s 31 points……

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