GeorgeGundIn 1975 The father of Sun Valley Hockey, George Gund III, built the Sun Valley Ice Arena.

From there the formation of your Sun’s followed. From our inaugural 12 game season sprouted one of the longest standing Semi professional hockey Teams in North America. The Sun’s have traveled the globe to compete,visiting Europe and Japan. Teams from China, Japan, Canada and the States have graced our home arena. Including the USA olympic Hockey team. Our competition has includes ex NHL players such as Butch Goring, Igor Larinov, Jeff Norton, Mark Heaslip and Butch Williams. Phil Hoene, Rick Bourbanious and Butch have also donned the Red, white and black of the Sun’s. Countless division 1,2 and 3 players have played for and against the Sun’s. John Weekes, the first Sun’s head coach establish a tradition that still lives on today. Entering our 41st year the Sun’s welcome you to continue to be part of our rich history! 








George “guns” one by goalie
Charlie Holt.








Want more history?

Read a great story on the team from a 1978 article in Hockey Magazine… (click on image)


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